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Have you ever thought of creating a Toy Library?  No?  Well, neither have I. If your living room looks like a tornado of toys hit, like mine, you should consider creating the Toy Library.

What a novel idea, I have tried and tried to get my daughter to do the "For every one, two or three toys you take out of your room, you have to put some back", that absolutely does not work. That means I would constantly have to monitor her and remind her because she's 4, the concept doesn't stick.  It's useless.

But my daughter does love the library.  And because she's 4, this trick just might work.  It's a structured system, and at this age that's very important. Especially because I'm tired of being a slave to picking up toys. Are you?

This is a project that I will be doing, I do have a entry closet identical to this. Even if you don't have a closet available, you could set up a "Toy Library" system in their room, be creative with it.  It's more about the idea of having a library, something that will engage them, hopefully creating a pattern for keeping your living room from being over taken by toys.

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~ Holly

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