Hello my friends! Are you ready to go on a Paint and Stain Adventure? 

Today we will be checking out some really great blogs that will knock your paint rollers off!  So grab a seat and get comfy.  Your adventure starts now!

Image Credit: 320 Sycamore

Image Credit: +Brittany aka Pretty HandyGirl 

Image Credit: In My Own Style

Image Credit: Little Green Notebook

Image Credit: +Young House Love 

Image Credit: DIY Showoff

Image Credit: Addicted 2 Decorating

Image Credit: The Handmade Home

Image Credit: Lil Boo Blue

So how was your adventure, did you enjoy all the awesome tutorials and creative ideas?  I hope you feel inspired and motivated to try some of these ideas out.  

All my best!

~ Holly


  1. I am currently repurposing some night stands I bought at a yard sale for .25 cents each. I am going to use them as end tables once I am done,it will be nice to finally have matching end tables.

  2. It was great adventure I love DIY Faux Bois Paint Technique. Thanks for sharing wonderful ideas.

  3. Finally a good blog, different from the leak,
    i love the topic you written upon i.e. DIY paint ideas, i fed up of reading junk blogs,

    thanks holly makowski

  4. Deedra - .25 cents each!! That's awesome, it's even more fun when when the pieces you're re-doing you find for a steal. I LOVE yard sales and thrift stores, it's where most of my home decor came from. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! :)

  5. Divya: I too love faux bois paint! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your feedback!

  6. iphone 5s: Thank you, thank you!!! I really appreciate it!


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