Image Credit: +Monica Taylor :Taylor Made Cards 4 U
Hello there my friends!  Where do you get your inspiration?  For most of us these days it's the internet, wouldn't you say it's like a blood line for us, constantly nourishing us and our desire to be creative.

But what about just using your plain old imagination? Well, we still do, but here's the deal:  while you may find ideas and learn new techniques from others, what you create as a result from that is all that matters, because it's yours and you in turn will inspire someone else!

I would like you to meet Monica over at Taylor Made Cards 4 U.  She excels at card making, I'm so jealous.  She share's her thoughts on inspiration and on how she creates her cards.

I like how she refer's to it as a "puzzle".  I love puzzles, and I think she hit a point.  Maybe we should approach all our projects like a puzzle, sometimes the pieces all come together easily and sometimes you really gotta work at it, and that's okay.

Head over to:

Taylor Made Cards 4 U - Where do you get inspiration?

All my best,

~ Holly


  1. Thank you for featuring my collage!

  2. You are welcome! I have received comments from 3 great lady's on G+. It was well received!

  3. You're totally right. :) I love DIY's. Thanks to the internet and the people who share their ideas. I've really learned a lot from them. :)

  4. Thanks Rossane! Me too, I have learned so much from net and am very grateful to all those who allow us glimpse into their creativeness. I wouldn't be the person I am today without them. :)


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