Image Credit: Centsational Girl
That's right, I love spray paint.  It's more like a love affair, we were meant to be I just know it!  We met last year and we've been together ever since, making colorful harmony.

No, really... I have found that this wonderful product can transform anything. I kinda went spray paint crazy there for a while.  I have painted lamps, frames, stools, wall decorations, and the list goes on.  I even spray painted my water cooler, it matches my dining room now.  I tell ya, the possibilities are endless.

Before I started though, I did educate myself.  There's quite a few options out there and it can be confusing - what's the best products, what can I spray paint (just about everything!)?  So I owe my obsession the very talented Centsational Girl, her tips are top notch.

So, I'm happy to share the most awesome spray paint tips, please shoot on over to:

~ Holly


  1. I am glad I saw this, because I need to do some painting of backgrounds to use in my food photos and I was dreading getting out all the painting paraphernalia. I didn't even think about using spray paint! But I think it will make things so much easier so I am going to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kristin: That makes me so happy! Spray paint is the bomb! It is life changing if you are a DIY'r. I would love to hear the outcome, let me know how went. Thanks so much for the feed back, I really appreciate it!!!!


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