Can anyone relate to the picture below?  This is pretty much how my pile of supplies look.  But I am working on straightening out that fiasco.  If you saw my post Easy Gift Wrap Organizer, then you know my plan already.

Image Credit: Steve and Kelly Plus Two

So how would you like to turn the above into this:

Image Credit: Steve and Kelly Plus Two

Pretty nifty idea from Steve and Kelly Plus Two!  I really like this, it's very functional and out-of-the-way and totally organized.

All in all, using the above system with the 4 baskets, Kelly was able to store:
  • 15 rolls of paper (with room for more)
  • Curling Ribbons
  • Gift tags and stickers, gift boxes, wrapping tissue, and some more ribbon 
  • Gift Bags (about 40)
I can't believe ALL that stuff fit.  What a great post, I love these types of before and after.  Makes me flit and flutter with organized contentment.

To get all the details, please head over to Steve and Kelly's blog post:

~ Holly

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