Awe man, it's Monday.  Boring old Monday. Don't you just want to flush Monday's down the toilet?  

That's what I was thinking, and that's where my topic for today was born. Kinda weird huh, but you never know when inspiration will strike.

There are some really basic and not so basic improvements you can make in your john.  I will focus today on the basic (and budget friendly).  I like quick and easy fixes. And you can do a world of change with just the basics!

Let's start with Floors.
Here is a great tutorial on peel and stick wood plank flooring. Just make sure you have a good clean and dry floor before you lay them down.

Image Credit: The House of Smith's

Secondly, here is a YouTube video on on to lay peel and stick vinyl:

How to Frame your Mirror
Isn't this frame gorgeous?  One day I hope to do this in my two bathroom mirrors. From dull and plain to very custom looking.

Image Credit: BowerPower

How To Install A Bathroom Faucet
Updating your faucet is a must! It's such a simple improvement.

Image Credit: Remodelaholic

How To Choose The Perfect Paint Color
And lastly, but most importantly is updating your paint color.  Here is a fine site for assisting you!

*Be sure to note her blurb on color expert 
+Amy Wax and her Color911 App .  

Remember to just stick with the basics at first, it really doesn't take much. 

Did you enjoy these tutorials?  I hope so!  So now I can say:

Happy Monday!

~ Holly

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