*Welcome to Friday Favorite*
Every Friday I will be showcasing my Favorite DIY Blog Post of the week 

Today's Friday Favorite comes from the Blog: Simply Simplisticated.  

Image Credit: Simply Simplisticated
Creator +Deidre Gilchrest has outdone herself with this one-of-a-kind frame.
Talk about originality - isn't it just adorable?

Here are the reasons why I chose this project:
  • It's UNIQUE
  • Budget friendly
  • Great conversation piece for your home
  • Totally versatile: make it your own!
  • Make as a Christmas gift, include photo's
  • Simply would be fun to make!
What more could you ask for (besides being the receiver of one of these fine creations for Christmas)?

Visit Simply Simplisticated - Shabby Frame for full details.

You all have a fantastic weekend!  

DIY to your hearts content!



  1. This looks adorable *wow*

    Thanks Holly :D

  2. Dug it.. left a comment. Thanks... and question..., do you have any pointers on how to use old computer modems, motherboards, and soundcards creatively?

    1. Thanks so much Stan!
      Hmm, I will see what I can find. It's like going on a treasure hunt :) I will keep you posted!


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