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Don't you wish we didn't require sleep so we'd have time for all the regular stuff in life including our hobbies? We all know there is never enough time in the day to do it all. But....

Just imagine if we didn't need sleep how much we could accomplish.  Have you ever wanted to turn your hobby into a business? I know there are many of you out there that are extremely talented and could actually monetize from whatever your passion is. Or maybe you have tried and failed, or maybe you are struggling with how and where to start.

Can you relate to the below*:

Do you still see yourself as a hobbyist?  Do you want to move to that next level?
Many times it is our own fears that keep us from moving forward.  Maybe it is the fears of failure, but more times than not, people actually fear the success.  They fear that they will not be ready or prepared for the growth.  They fear the laws, and government regulations.  They fear they cannot give the time and effort required to make it all happen.

*From the e-book From Hobby To Business we discuss some of those fears and help to relieve any fears you may have that is keeping you from building your successful business

If this is you, or maybe you have good friend you know who needs a push in the right direction then you need to visit +Carol Parsons over at Crafters Corner Cafe' and purchase her E-book: From Hobby to Business.  

Here is a bit more about her:
  • She has been in sales since 1977. 
  • Sat under the training of Dale Carnegie, and Zig Ziegler.  
  • Former presenter for motivational training for small business workshops.  
  • And most recently a retired Organizing/Design Consultant.
Her site also includes a convenient sidebar survey making it easy to contact her.  For more information on turning your hobby into a business please visit:

~ Holly

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