Hello my friends!  Today we will be taking at look at some really great ideas for painting your floors with stencils.  I have done my fair share of stenciling walls, but stenciling floors is a new idea to me.  Where have I been?

When I saw these stunning floors I knew I had to share. Even if you have no intention of stenciling your floors you have to check these out.

DIY How to Paint your floors with stencils

These are all great tutorials with lots of tips and tricks. 

Lovely Etc did an absolutely amazing job on her subfloors. Can you say WOW. I am in love with her floors!  Go on and check them out.

Image Credit: Lovely Etc.

Young House Love never ceases to amaze me!  Once again they have proven you can turn blah into something totally breathtaking.

Image Credit: Young House Love

Next up we have Back To Domestics. Love this kitchen!
Back To Domestics - DIY Painted Subfloor

Image Credit: Back To Domestics

And check out this remarkable entryway at All Things Thrifty.  Gorgeous!
All Things Thrifty - How To Paint A Floor (and what not to do)

Image Credit: All Things Thrifty

Last but not least is Ashley Ann Photography.  So charming and inviting!
Ashley Ann Photography - DIY Stencil Painting Subflooring

Image Credit: Ashley Ann Photography

Pretty cool huh!

~ Holly


  1. Really love the Idea. Can I feature you in one of my blog posts?

    1. Hi Keren: Isn't it a neat idea? I would be so happy to be part of your post! :D

  2. I put this on my "Faux Flagstone Patio" blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Beverly! A BIG Thank you! I will check it out :-)


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