Why install towel bars that eventually pull away from your drywall from the consistent pulling, damaging your walls? 

With sawtooth hangers on the back you’ll be able to mount it easily.  It really does irritate me that when you hang towel bars in a logical area in your bathroom– there’s no studs to drill into, therefor you gotta use anchor bolts which eventually tear your walls apart.  The drywall in our master bathroom has been drilled and filled so many times I don’t have a place to hang a towel bar securely so I am going to give this towel holder a shot.

I like this idea and I love the look of the holdbacks, but they can be kinda pricey, so I will be looking for some used ones which you can usually find at Goodwill. 

Your towels will not slip from these baby’s!

Check out the process here: Two It Yourself - DIY Towel Hooks

Image Credit: Two It Yourself

~ Holly

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