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So I decided to treat you all with more lists to help you take control over your chaotic life.  Thank goodness for the wonderful people who take the time to make these, and better yet share them with us.

And they're FREE!

I spend a little bit of dough on all those cutesy planners and paper.  But why should I, when half the time I don't use most of what's included. Here are some of benefits to consider when you print your own:
  • You save money, no more "Oh that's such a cute notebook, I'll use that for....".  (I swear Barnes & Nobel and Michael's, I'm gonna win this fight).
  • Print ONLY what pertains to you. 
  • Checklists that are already filled out, you just have do the tasks and check them off.
  • Save it to your computer for future prints.
  • You get to be CREATIVE, make a cute binder to store your hard copies.
So onward to the nitty-gritty of this post.  +Ruth Soukup from Living Well and Spending Less is an amazing women by my standards.  I find her blog to be very informative and stock full of goodies.

Here are her Printables:

Budgeting & Finance
  • Printable LWSL Beginner’s Guide to Savings Budget Worksheet
  • Printable Rock Bottom Price List (for Coupon Shopping)
Cleaning & Organizing
  • Green & Thrifty Cleaning Products {10 Ingredients, 10 Ways, 10 Awesome Cleaners}
  • Printable Kitchen Cleaning & Organizing Checklist
  • Printable Spring Cleaning Top-to-Bottom Cleaning Checklist
  • Printable Pantry Inventory Worksheet
  • Printable Freezer Inventory Worksheet
  • Printable Cleaning Day Checklist
  • Printable Kid’s Room Cleaning Checklist
  • Printable Home Office Organizing Checklist
  • Printable Bathroom Organizing Checklist
  • Printable Bedroom Closet Organizing Checklist
DiY & Crafts:
  • “Simple Rules” Printable Subway Art
  • Printable Tags for Rainbow Sparkle Playdough
  • Printable Template for Burlap & Bunny Bunting
  • Printable Pattern for a Felt Easter Basket
  • Printable Holiday Planning Workbook
  • Printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Journal
  • Party Planning Worksheet
  • Printable Homeschool Planner
  • Printable Gratitude Journal

My favorite is her Blog 101 Page. Because I am a new blogger I'm devouring as much as I can on the subject. This biggest treat for me is her Free Printable Blog Planner. Which is exactly what I need to help maintain my jumbled thoughts and plans.

So, I hope these checklists can provide you some form of order in your busy life!

Please visit:

Living Well Spending Less - FREE Printables

Happy Printing,

~ Holly

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